10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Photographer

Photography is one of those jobs everyone thinks they could have a go at, and aren’t afraid to give their feedback, or just like any other business, ask stupid questions! Here is an article to print off and stick on your studio door so people get the message, there are some things you should never say to a photographer!


1. “Wow, your camera takes GREAT pictures.” The ultimate ego boost for photographers everywhere.

2. “Thanks for putting your photos on Facebook! Can you take the watermark off so I can print some?” No…I can’t.

3. “Do you mind bringing your camera?” We all know what this means. You’ll be working at your friends event for free…

4. “I brought my camera so when you’ve positioned everyone can I take some shots of my own”. Sure, if you contribute to the studio rent, equipment costs and pay me for setting up the shot…

5. “Can I have the photos you haven’t used, too?” No! There’s a reason I’ve edited them out, the same reason you don’t hear every song The Beatles ever wrote or see every Van Gogh!

6. “You can fix that in photoshop, right?” ‘Nuff said.

7. “Do I get discount for editing it myself? My iPad has this app…”

8. “Can you edit my selfie for my online profile?”

9. “Make me look good!” Sure, you look like a buffalo with bed hair but I’m sure I can do that. I’ll turn some water into wine while I’m at it.

10. “Your job must be so easy!” It would definitely be easier if you weren’t here…

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