The Weirdest Food Delicacies in the World: How Many Would You Try?

One of the greatest delights of traveling is trying out new foods! Globetrotters everywhere indulge themselves in local culture and, of course, food! Sometimes, though, the locals idea of good food can be different from ours, and there are some weird and sometimes disturbing meals out there. How many of these would you try?

Fried Tarantula

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For most of us, the site of a tarantula is enough to make our skin crawl (no pun intended), but the idea of eating them is something entirely different. Street vendors in Cambodia sell the deep friend creepy crawly. Care to try?

Birds Nest Soup

Birds Nest soup is considered a delicacy, and can cost up to $100 a bowl in some places. Birds use saliva to build their nests, which has a gelatinous quality used in this soup recipe. Paying hundreds to share spit with a bird? I’m not sure it sounds too appealing…

Fried Guinea Pig

Cherished as pets in some parts of the world, in South America, “Cuy” or Guinea Pigs as we know them are fried or roasted and eaten, they even have a cuy eating festival!

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Oysters – not so weird, right? Except these aren’t really Oysters, they’re Bison testicles. Considered a delicacy in some parts of the US, they’re friend and served with a sauce. Also eaten in Mexico and at times in Spain.


Traditionally served on Burns night, this Scottish dish is actually the heart, liver and lungs (yum) of a sheep, boiled for hours in its own stomach lining, this is seasoned to within an inch of its life (I guess it has to be) and looks…interesting.

Puffin Heart

Lovers of cute animals look away! Eaten in Scandinavia and farmed in a sustainable way (as if that makes it less horrible). The part of the adorable bird that is eaten is, of course, the heart. Not something I’m keen to try any time soon.

Snake Wine

Pretty self-explanatory in terms of what it is. It’s wine…with a snake in it. The reasons why are more foggy! We have no real reason for this, in China, where it is served, it was once said to have ‘medicinal benefits’, really, we think it is still sold because of the way it looks. Weird, but somehow intriguing.

Drunken Shrimp

Shrimp are eaten in many different ways, as anyone who has ever seen Forrest Gump will be able to tell you! But this is a new one. The shrimp isn’t cooked, but ‘stunned’ in a strong alcohol, which provides its name ‘drunken shrimp’. Presumably only eaten by drunken man or woman…

Fried Brain

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img src = wikimedia

Eaten in parts of the US, one of the parts of a cow we’re not used to eating, the brain, is apparently quite tasty, cut into steaks, fried in breadcrumbs and served in a bun, just like a burger. This is not as common as it used to be, but is still eaten in many different places.

What are the weirdest foods you’ve ever eaten? Have we missed anything on our list? Leave us your comments below with the weird and wonderful foods you’ve eaten whilst on your travels.

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