“Alien Island” is Real! Socotra is One of the Strangest Places on Earth

Around 150 miles off the Horn of Africa lies one of the weirdest places ever seen. To it’s natives, Socotra may appear normal, but having been isolated from the rest of the world in terms of the way it has evolved and grown, and having a unique geography, it truly is spectacular (and strange) to look at.

dragons blood tree

The plants and trees are one of the first things you notice about Socotra. This tree is called the Dragon’s Blood Tree and is unlike anything we see in aany other part of the world. Almost looks spooky!

These ‘Bottle Trees’ are everywhere on the island.

It is a world heritage sight, which is not surprising, as well as the odd trees, the island has some unique beauty, and everything from Sand Dunes to beautiful beaches to mountainous regions…

Temperatures on the island usually hover above the 30 degree centigrade mark, making it immensely hot for most of the year. Great for the unspoilt beaches…

socotra beach

While some of its regions look like they could be the perfect location for the next Jurassic Park

Only Hawaii, New Caledonia, and the Galapagos Islands have more different species of Flora and Fauna that can’t be found elsewhere in the world.

1280px-Socotra_Cave_01The fun doesn’t stop overground, as an awesome yet creepy underground cave system can be found on the island, which has only 50,000 residents, and barely any roads! Getting around Socotra usually means hiring a four wheel drive with driver, of which there are very few.I

For the adventurers out there, you can get to Socotra via its tiny airport, which has flights connecting to mainland Yemen (Socotra is technically a part of Yemen). Or you can reach it by boat.

Facts about Socotra:

  • Inscriptions have been found in the caves of Socotra dating back to the first century BC! Said to be by sailors exploring the area.
  • The whole island is just 1200 square miles
  • Most of the population are thought to be either farmers or fisherman, and chief exports include tobacco.
  • There are mountains of over 5,000 feet on the island.
  • In 52 AD, inhabitants were said to have been converted to Christianity by Thomas.
  • There are a huge amount of birds and spiders which are only found on the island.

So, if you’re looking for a location for a sci fi film and don’t mind the lack of internet coverage, look no further than Socotra, the most “Alien” looking place on earth…


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